Design a life you love with passion, confidence and purpose.

Femmes Fabulous

Ladies – remember that time you felt really confident about your life and how it’s going? Let’s re-install that feeling right now! This is a special female-focused workshop for all the ladies out there tired of feeling limited, unmotivated, worried, plain stuck or, worst of all, downright unenthusiastic!

Being in a group with like-minded women all wanting to take steps into a more rewarding life will set you on the path of becoming more resourceful as you are challenged and supported by each other. My workshops are always comfortable, open, friendly, supportive and effective.

Some benefits of the Femmes Fabulous workshop:

  • Learn to increase your visibility and communicate your self-worth
  • Motivation to finally go for your personal and professional goals
  • Understand how your thinking creates a good or a bad day
  • ‘Anchoring’: how to get into a good state, fast!
  • Increased self-confidence and easy self-knowing
  • Become empowered rather than saddled by challenges
  • Better productivity and time-management
  • Learn to give back to yourself without feeling selfish or guilty
  • More balanced body-confidence and awareness of holistic health

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