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Finding Inner Peace

Despite varying ‘new-age’ associations, inner peace is something that we are all secretly in pursuit of. Calm, reason and serenity, who doesn’t want those things? Well, people often think that to have inner peace what’s needed is a total detachment from ‘real life,’ usually in the form of a mountain meditation trip or yoga holiday. On the contrary! What is needed is simply the commitment to hone a few organic skills, and this is what this workshop is about.

What you’ll learn at the Finding Inner Peace workshop:

  • To be still and recognise how you’re really feeling in the present moment
  • To reduce noisy mind-chat and get some peace and quiet!
  • Meditation techniques to reduce tension and improve concentration
  • To increase positive feelings and that sense that all is well
  • To reduce stress
  • To tap into your powerful unconscious mind for creativity and solutions to problems
  • See the bigger picture
  • Connect more with your body and wellbeing
  • To increase your intuition

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