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Inspiring Parents

Being a parent is by far one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet but also one of the most challenging! And there’s no handing those little ones back when it’s not going well! There are, however, some steps you can take to improve your relationship, both with your child and, importantly, with yourself as a parent.

The Inspiring Parents workshop is not about ‘having better control’ or learning to assert more effective discipline practices. Rather, it is focused on creating quality relationships within the family. This involves the cultivation of three key factors in the home: Respect, Personal Boundaries and Harmony. With this approach, you will not only learn to be a more balanced influence on your child but also cope better with the challenges that come with being a parent.

What you’ll learn at the Inspiring Parents workshop:

  • How to have more confidence in your parenting abilities
  • Ways to have easier and more revelatory communication with your child through simple NLP techniques
  • How to better motivate your child and overcome resistance calmly
  • How to transcend the usual reward systems and ‘star charts’ (useful as they are!) and find a system which really works for your family
  • How to feel more empowered as a parent but also more calm
  • How to manage as a single parent
  • How to deal more productively with differing parenting styles in the family

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