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Connect With Your Inner Child

Summer is finally here in Chicago. And that means I simply want to play, play and play some more!

Walking around the city with bright flowers smiling at me and the lush green trees everywhere. The birds chirping, the street performers showing their talent and the little children running through the water fountains – nudge the child within me to let go, play and lick that ice-cream cone with all-embracing recklessness.

We were all children once remember? And here’s a surprise – we still have that child dwelling within us. Most adults are quite unaware of this, and this lack of conscious kinship to our own inner child is exactly where so many behavioural, emotional and relationship difficulties stem from.

Many times during coaching sessions with my clients, especially when working on deep-rooted issues, I find them laughing at the concept of talking with their inner child. They don’t take their inner child seriously to begin with and are tempted to push this child within away because his/ her problems seem irrelevant to their life as an adult. However, they soon find out when we begin the work that this isn’t true, since the inner child carries many of our deepest feelings forward.

The little child in us desired to be loved, cared and nurtured. Sometimes, these needs may never have been met, and therefore the inner child remains unfulfilled, unable to integrate itself into its adult self, still pining for healing and wholeness.

I, myself experienced this during my NLP training and worked to integrate my child and adult parts respectfully and lovingly, and felt a sense of completeness for the first time in my life. I even saw a clear image of myself as a 5 year old, the exact point in my life where I shut that ‘little Preet’ away. That image now sits on my bedside table as a photograph to remind me every morning that she is the source of all my strength today.

In today’s episode of Preet TV – Connect With Your Inner Child – I’ll be sharing 3 encouraging ways to connect with the source of your joy, playfulness and spontaneity – as all too often, in the process of growing up, the inner child is left wounded. So here’s your chance to discover and nurture it back to wholeness.

Hit play below to come out and play with me!

Avoid the temptation of disregarding or ignoring your inner child. He/ she can’t be sidestepped. Listen to him/ her like you would an actual child in front of you for that inner child is just as real and their feelings matter just as much.

Let your little self come out and be silly often. Avoid people who think it’s immature to be silly! These people probably have an overactive inner critic and don’t recognise the importance of their inner child. And avoid going so far into child mode that you neglect your adult responsibilities. Find a balance that works for you.

I also have a guided meditation on connecting with your inner child, so pop over to the SHOP and download it. Aahh.. let your adult self spend some quality time with your inner child today.

Your turn now: Do you connect with yourself on this level? Do you give your inner child a voice? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. You never know whom you might inspire!

If you found this episode helpful, please do pass it along to your friends or anyone who you feel would benefit from watching it. I’d really appreciate that.

Thank you, as always for reading, watching and sharing your experience and insights. I’ll see you soon on Preet TV.

May the child within you smile bright!

Preet ox



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