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The KNOW | DO | BE Notebook: Feel the resistance and acknowledge the awesome changes happening right now

Acknowledge your progress

Know Do Be Notebook

As kids we were always encouraged to feel pleased with what we’d achieved and to tell others. Gold star for maths! A certificate for good behaviour! As adults however, flag posting our achievements more often gets gazumped by jumping quickly on to the next goal. Acknowledging our progress however gives us the motivation to do more, be more and to feel content with ourselves. You can use this notebook to warmly remind yourself of the steps you’ve successfully taken to changing your life and embracing your desires.

Feel the feelings

Feel the feelings? Aren’t feelings – negative or positive – something we just feel, or don’t feel? Well when we’re in a state of change, some of the feelings that rise to the surface can be tough to deal with like fear, anxiety and even anger. We want to quickly shelve those feelings and focus on hard action. But those feelings are important because they give us insight. The KNOW | DO | BE notebook is a safe place to write those feelings, acknowledge that they’re there and remove the triggers associated with them.

Make new action plans

Once the easy solutions to life and career blocks start to flow, it’s hard to make them stop! The
KNOW | DO | BE notebook is a great place to practise fast-acting, forward-planning exercises such as mind-maps, timelines, vision boards and priority scales. Bit by bit your dreams and life plans will start to take shape and become a reality and you’ll have all the details right there. People often say, ‘If you say it, you’ll do it’. With the notebook it’ll be a case of ‘you wrote it, you did it!’

Start using it today: a welcome gift to new coaching clients

Know Do Be Notebook  The KNOW | DO | BE notebook is the perfect companion to your coaching partnership with me. That’s why you receive a complimentary notebook in your intake pack to use in and out of your sessions and to keep a record of your insights during your transformational journey.

A gift to yourself or to a friend

You can also buy the KNOW | DO | BE notebook as a lovely gift for yourself or a loved one, simply because it’s a great place to start a conversation with yourself. Just open it up at any page and start reflecting, Follow what inspires you and note down what comes from your deeper self.


Know Do Be Notebook

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