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KNOW DO BE Challenges  The solid foundation of true and lasting change begins with some honest self-awareness. Below are the KNOW | DO | BE challenges: exercises to help you get reacquainted with yourself and more in touch with your true life desires.

How to get the most useful insights from these challenges

  1. You will need your KNOW | DO | BE notebook or a journal to get started.
  2. Download all the KNOW | DO | BE Challenges for FREE in one swoop below. I believe in keeping things simple!
  3. Pick the challenge that most resonates with you right now.
  4. With each part of the challenge, write down in your notebook or journal all your thoughts, feelings and innermost truths as they present themselves during the challenge.
  5. Be honest! This is about you and you only, there’s no impressing or hiding from anyone else here.
  6. Breathe a sigh of relief! Getting to know you is one of the most positive things you can put your focus into. Not only do you get some real clarity on your goals, you are already committing to making a change, and that’s the first step.

How did it go? If you’d like to get even more clarity on your goals, your personal challenges and how to overcome them easily in a neutral, positive and supportive environment, get in touch with me. I’d love to know what revelations you’ve had!


Expand your horizons

KNOW DO BE Challenges  What’s stopping you from doing the thing that’s been calling out to you recently? What’s stopping you from following your true heart’s desire? If you could wave a magic wand right now, where would you be? Doing what? These are the questions asked in this worksheet, which will help you to:

  • Choose a new path
  • Stop ‘living limited’
  • Embrace change


Setting your goals

KNOW DO BE Challenges  Are you a fan of to-do lists but are not really getting the most important things done, like living your life? Do you want to learn how goal setting can help you achieve your most cherished ambitions? This challenge is about you getting to do the things you really want to do by:

  • Setting S.M.A.R.T goals
  • Clarifying your wishes
  • Overcoming doubt


Find your core strengths

KNOW DO BE Challenges  What are you really good at? A rewarding life is based on using our core talents, and the key to this is the development of skills. Take on this challenge to help you identify and use your core strengths. This is a truly exciting worksheet and one of my most favourite! Here’s what it’ll get you doing:

  • Identifying what you’re consistently good at
  • Deciding what you’d like to be doing more of
  • Building self-value


Develop resilience

KNOW DO BE Challenges  Challenges and disappointments are an inevitable part of life. Do you feel you deal with them well or badly? Make strength in the face of adversity one of your most desirable characteristics by following this challenge, which will help you to:

  • Develop emotional control
  • Become open to new experiences, however scary
  • Become a problem solver


Streamline your life

KNOW DO BE Challenges  Always got too much to do? Finding clutter wherever you go? Need some time to think? This worksheet is about ridding yourself of mental, physical and emotional clutter and becoming a super life-manager. Following this worksheet will help you to:

  • Declutter your life
  • Simplify your routine
  • Work smarter, not harder


Make better decisions

KNOW DO BE Challenges  Making important life choices can be daunting, so much so that you procrastinate for months or even years to avoid making them. So how can you master the art of decision-making? Using a seven-day action plan, this awareness challenge will help you to:

  • Get clarity on what you want to accomplish
  • Become honest with yourself about the desired outcome
  • Take responsibility without stress or fear


Taking responsibility

KNOW DO BE Challenges  Taking responsibility is not just about learning from our mistakes and refraining from blaming other people or events. Sometimes it’s simply about owning the decisions we make and being truly present in our relationships and career. This worksheet is aimed at helping you to:

  • Let go of control
  • Stop blaming others and move away from a ‘victim’ mentality
  • Invite solutions in


Create a new relationship with money

KNOW DO BE Challenges  How do you really interact with money? Do you feel safe around money? Do you feel tense? Do you trust yourself with your finances? Do you trust others with money? This challenge is all about removing toxic emotion from our finances and building a trusting relationship with money on many levels. Have the guidance to:

  • Make financial goals
  • Recognise emotional spending habits
  • Address money avoidance and money communication avoidance issues


Make peace with your past

KNOW DO BE Challenges  We’d all like to move on from the past, wouldn’t we? Sometimes we just don’t know how. Or the feelings about past events are too strong to want to address. This challenge helps you to revisit those experiences gently and:

  • Deal with unresolved issues such as resentment and hurt
  • Live in the present, acknowledging present feelings
  • Embrace rather than fear change


Setting Your Boundaries

KNOW DO BE Challenges  It’s only natural that you give more to the people you become close to, at home, at work or anywhere in life. It can be difficult, however, to find the balance between giving of yourself mentally, emotionally or physically and having your own needs met. This worksheet will help you to:

  • Identify who in your life is over-stepping boundaries
  • Learn to assert your needs without shame or regret
  • Establish new ways of being around others


Get ready for a relationship

KNOW DO BE Challenges

Knowing what you truly want and value in a partnership is an essential life skill. This can be confused by your past experiences and hurts and you can end up replaying the same record again and again. Take this relationship challenge to:

  • Develop emotional honesty
  • Rewrite your relationship script
  • Make space for a relationship you can flourish in

Be Good To Yourself

KNOW DO BE Challenges

Do you find yourself putting others first over and over again? How are you trea9ng yourself and what are you doing to fulfill your own needs? Where does your own well-­‐being sit on the pecking order? This challenge is about taking care of the most important person in your life – YOU, and you can begin by:

  • Realizing how you aren’t taking care of yourself
  •  Identifying what replenishes you
  • Keeping a ‘care’ diary that takes into account your desires


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