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Success Stories

A learning experience

Life coaching with Preet has given me a sense of direction and focus that’s helped me to gain clarity on how to work towards my goals. Through the various activities and homework I have learnt different ways of looking at difficult situations, which helped me to solve the problems. I have also learnt ways in which I can learn about myself and therefore gain self-confidence.

Thank you Preet for all the support and top tips. It’s been a pleasure! I will deffo recommend you and contact you soon regarding some more sessions!

More than what and who i thought i was

I didn’t have an enjoyable life when I was growing up and my social life was restricted. At university I was a workaholic. I was killing myself by spending all my time on the books. When I finished university I was struggling to get my career to progress. After going for psychotherapy I realised that everything that I went through in my early life was causing a lot of prohibitions not only in my personal life but also my career. My psychotherapist suggested getting some coaching on how to make myself come across better. When looking into this I found out about life coaching and Preet was one of the people that came up.

While the psychotherapy was the start, the life coaching was the building up. I realised that I was better than I think I am, that I have more in me than I realised, and that I am capable of more. I gained more insight into myself and learned techniques on how to better myself as a person. We didn’t get a chance to explore everything with me. However, the key thing I realised is that I have to work on myself in order for everything else in my life to progress further. I aim to take what I have learned from Preet and continue to put those nuggets into action to better myself further.

An eye opening experience

Working with Preet has been such an eye-opening and positive experience for me. From our very first conversation, Preet made me feel that no topic was out of bounds.

Preet challenged my behaviours, my throw away comments and helped me realise that I have the resources to help myself. I have been using and applying the techniques I have learned in every area of my life.

Thank you Preet. You are an inspiration.

a great journey

I first reached out to Preet in a rough state both physically and mentally. Working with Preet has taught me how to love and appreciate myself and take the necessary action in my life to make a difference. My journey has been great as I have seen the personal development in myself. Preet you are awesome!

Developing Personally & professionally

I can’t even begin to describe just how much Preet has helped me in my life and how thankful I am for having had her coach me.

These sessions have been fundamental in developing both my personal and professional life and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about wanting to commit and do the same.

For good reason, Preet has a long list of accolades. These include:
Forbes “Most Influential Women” 2016 & 2017
The Times Top 100 “Spiritually Rich” List 2017
BBC Asian Network “People To Watch” 2018
[ Awards pending 😉 ]

On a personal level, Preet is kind, caring, thoughtful, non-judgemental and ridiculously wise!! I am so grateful for the help and guidance she has given me over the past couple of years, and wish her all the success as her name and reputation spreads internationally.

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