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Success Stories

Feeling accomplished

From the bottom of my heart I want to pay a huge tribute to Preet and the programme she devised for me. Right off the very back of a very difficult time in my life, I knew I was in safe and experienced hands, from the first conversation I had with her. Preet’s 12 session programme was very methodical and well structured. Looking back I am amazed at how far I’ve come from her support, feeling a great sense of pride and achievement. As a life coach I found Preet herself to be extremely patient and understanding, always flexible to fit to my timetable, and very humble in her application. I would thoroughly recommend any family or friends to her. Not only do I think she is fantastic at her profession, I feel I have truly made a friend for life. I can’t thank her enough or speak highly enough for what she has help me accomplish.

best investment made in myself

Working with Preet has quite simply been a life changing experience. I came into coaching feeling at the lowest point of my life with no idea how to turn things around or if it was even possible. With Preet’s guidance I was able to realise my own strength and understand how I’d been holding myself back. I’m now at a point where life feels exciting and full of possibility and I truly believe even the biggest of my dreams is within reach. Coaching is the best investment I have made in myself and I would highly recommend it.

learnt some key things through coaching

Key things I learnt from my coaching experience:
– Focus on family, friends and the amazing support network I have – use all your resources.
– Always think about what’s the difference that makes the difference.
– There are ways to change or fix something that isn’t working – don’t get stuck, focus on a what will change this and make it better.
– Conversation not confrontation.
– Put yourself in others shoes, see things from a different perspective to help get a more balanced understanding of a situation.
– Enjoy every day.
– Honour your values.
– Think about the language I use, keep it positive.
– Take time to relax every day – read, meditate, walk.
– Map across ‘work me’ to my new life.

Life Changing

I remember reading these success stories when trying to decide whether to have life coaching and I am so happy that I committed to these sessions. Preet is kind, considerate, thoughtful, enthusiastic and truly inspirational.

My sessions with Preet have been life-changing. She has helped me become a better version of myself! I lead and inspire at work, and am confident and optimistic in my social life. Initially I was sceptical as to whether my goals would be achievable in such a short time, but Preet has helped transform my life dramatically and I am so much happier for it. This is one of the best things I have done in my life and I am privileged to have had Preet guiding me through it. Words cannot express how grateful I am to her for all she has helped me with.


I don’t know where to start. Firstly this is the first time I have ever written a testimonial, so that’s awesome! Well back in November 2015 when I first crossed paths with Preet I was in what I would say the most miserable and shallow part of my life. When I began coaching with Preet I felt like I was at a bottom of a deep well. Down there, lost and scared. Today, not only did Preet help me to get out of that well, she made me super confident about myself, made me trust myself and made me realise I am capable of everything and anything I want to achieve. I’d like to thank you Preet with all my heart for making me come out of my shell and for making me see life in a totally amazing way. I thank you for your time, your dedication and love in which you have helped me. Thank you Preet!!

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