Design a life you love with passion, confidence and purpose.

Start cooking with gas!

If you’re ready and willing to make positive life changes, what are you waiting for?
Here’s how it works:

I provide face-to-face coaching sessions in Chicago, IL and also during my regular trips to London, England. I also do sessions for many of my clients via Skype or telephone so Contact Me to find out more. Here’s how coaching with me works:

Session one: let’s explore!

This is your FREE exploratory session where you get to see what coaching is about and most importantly, get some real clarity on the changes you’d like to make. There are three things we’ll be looking to do in the session:

  1. Create a compelling life or career vision
  2. Identify the best strategies and tools for results
  3. Identify some of the inner conflicts or blocks that may be holding you back

At the end of this session I can answer any more questions about coaching you might have and if you’re ready to get going, book your next sessions.

Session two: let the magic begin

So you’ve boarded the train!

Next is the intake session (typically two hours), which makes up part of the 12 session coaching package.

During this session, we will go through the ‘Coaching Intake’ pack that you’ll have received from me prior to the session. We will review the areas highlighted in the pack so that we’re both crystal clear about where you are now and where you want to be:

  • You vision for your life
  • Your values and habits
  • What’s working for you and what’s not

We’ll also confirm strategies, timelines, and what your end goal is. This is also the part where we design our partnership to meet your needs. If we both live in the same geographic area, we’ll generally do the sessions in person. If not, it may be more convenient to have the session on phone or by Skype.

Moving forward

The remaining 10 coaching sessions that complete your coaching package will be offered on a weekly basis. These sessions can either be face-to-face or by phone/Skype.

During each session we will be following your agenda, checking in on where you are and what you need to do next.

Ad Hoc support: I’m always available if you want to have a quick chat or exchange an email on an ad hoc basis between sessions.

What’s it like working with Preet?

Here’s what one client had to say about her coaching experience with me. And you can read a lot more Success Stories to help make your decision about working with me.

Having three months of coaching with Preet was a really beneficial investment for me. We had a great rapport from the start; she is humane, passionate and selfless in her approach, which is moulded around who you are, your values, your wishes, and your environment. Her approach is completely tailor made for you and you alone. Preet has this amazing knack of getting you to see your world through new and beneficial perspectives. I loved my coaching experience with her.

Building trust: my promise to you

Building a positive, reliable and professional coaching relationship is such a huge part of how you move forward. I see it as a partnership: on my side, it’s about getting on a level with you and really seeing how you work and the changes you want to make. On your side, it’s about the willingness to be challenged and to put words into action in the outside world. I’m not here to teach, preach or train you but to support and encourage you to reach your goals.

You’re already doing great! It’s about how to make it work for you. To start this amazing journey, get in contact with me directly and we’ll book your first session. See you soon!