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About Preet: my own journey with coaching

Born in India and raised in various countries from the age of five, my early life was filled with challenges and adventure! After finally settling down in the UK and graduating with a BA in business studies, I spent the next 13 years in IT marketing.

I bet you can guess what came next? Yes, I wasn’t really happy in this career. It didn’t make good use of my talents as a speaker and motivator and it didn’t suit the kind of work/ life balance I wanted either. Inside I was really dreaming of a career where I could use my enthusiasm for life to help others. But I was so fearful of breaking out of the routine and doing something totally different.

Finally, I put some energy into researching those careers focused on communication and self-development. I came across Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and felt such a magnetic pull to this study that I attended International Teaching Seminars, where I trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach with the teachings of Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith & Jan Elfine. Thinking about the conscious and unconscious mind then led me to train in Hypnosis with Tim Hallbom.

Learning to be a coach was the major turning point in my journey and what led me to be the confident and happy person I am today. It has become crystal clear that to me that whatever path you take, if you are focused on your goal, you will get there. Life throws events at us that occasionally send us down an alternative route but it’s always possible to get back on track.

I believe that you can choose how you behave in your daily life, how you love in your relationships and how you react in different situations. This choice frees us to take responsibility for ourselves. After all, our life and its quality is our responsibility!

As an adolescent, I would get into trouble for being a keen instigator: the one in the room willing to point out the truth. Now I’m thanked for waking those sleeping giants!

What to expect from coaching with Preet

As a coach, I will be present on your transformational journey to encourage, motivate and empower you to reach your full potential by helping to redefine who you are from the inside out. My coaching approach is based on three key components:

  • Knowing – having full clarity about where you are now and where you really want to be.
  • Doing – taking responsibility for life changes and taking actions towards making them happen.
  • Being – feeling empowered to overcome challenges, self-doubt and to live the life you want.

Of course, I’m no sage. I never pretend to have all the answers and I make my fair share of mistakes too. In fact I salute my mistakes because that’s where I learn and grow the most. But my commitment is to bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning, and to keep it real and honest as I go.

What’s my coaching style? I am direct, yet gentle and I draw upon my intuition and experience, as well as my training to guide sessions. And, while I’m a professional coach, I keep our sessions playful and fun. If life transformation becomes heavy-hearted, it’s probably not the right change for you!

Random Preet facts!

  • I love to give surprises, and have never been caught out yet!
  • I’m a Virgo. My birthday is 21st September.
  • I’m a wife to my right hand man Randhir, my rock who loves to see me fly high!
  • I’m a cool mimzi to our beautiful daughter, Nanika.
  • I love dancing, reading and watching awesomely deep movies.
  • I’m made of positive energy. Love hugging big old trees!
  • Friends tell me my wittiness drives them crazy!
  • I’m a spiritual warrior, a free spirit and a down-to-earth girl next door all in one!
  • I walk my talk – been there, done that, and don’t mess with me!
  • My life motto: Freedom and peace comes from being true to yourself.

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